About us

Our history

Aluscreen Produktion AB is a company that was started in 1985 in Västerås by Michele Lindgren and Roger Johansson. In the beginning, the founders were the only employees, but relatively soon the company had grown and employed 3 more people. The focus was to provide Industrial Product Labeling with both traditional methods such as Screen Printing but also start using new technology in the form of Dataprint (digital coloring in aluminum) and Laser Labeling. This quickly proved to be a good strategy choice and the company has continued to grow and today has 16 employees.

For approx. 10 years ago, it was given an opportunity to acquire the company Swedish Quality Labels (SQL), which had previously specialized in the production of various types of digitally printed labels. Through this acquisition, the range and customer base were significantly broadened. Today, Aluscreen and SQL are sister companies that collaborate by, among other things. shares premises, administration, purchasing, etc. in a very cost-effective way.

Our owners

In 2019, Michele and Roger chose to sell their companies to Wallferd Invest, which in turn is owned by Stefan Wallgren, Niclas Ferding and Thomas Lövstedt. By Roger still working and Michele helping on an hourly basis when needed, it has been ensured that no skills have been lost. In fact, the company is run with exactly the same ambitions goals as before.

Our goals & corporate culture

The corporate culture is also characterized by a strong community where all staff take great personal responsibility and are proud of their professional competence. From many aspects, we are like a family that thrives together and it is noticeable not least in a very low staff turnover and that we have many who have worked with us between 20 and 30 years.

Highest quality

Short & secure delivery times

Flexibility & customer focus

No job is too small or too big!

Our customers are today all over the world with i.a. large companies such as ABB, Alstom, Epiroc, FMV, Hitachi, Sandvik m.m. We also have many customers in our immediate area who appreciate our fast and flexible offers.

If you have a need for Industrial Product Labeling of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us.